Noble Gift – next steps

We have chosen a family, or rather a person, whom we’d like to help as a team.

Her story is so heartbreaking that it seems almost impossible:

Wiktoria is 60 and she lives alone in Żywiec. She’s is in a wheelchair because of upper and lower limb amputations (yes, all of them). Financial problems started when the woman spent 3 years of her life in a hospital, where she underwent a number of surgeries. Wiktoria receives a pension and a modest allowance (1140 PLN). After paying the loan she took out for the apartment, the rent and medicines, she has 420 PLN left to live on each month.

Despite 9 surgeries and financial problems she can still smile. She is supported by her grandson, who visits her from time to time. She also has two dogs. Wiktoria’s dream is to renovate her apartment, which is difficult to move around in a wheelchair. Every day she tries to cope with adversities and be independent.

Her three basic needs are as follows:

  1. Furniture (eg. a cupboard, a bed, the ones that she has are simply falling apart)
  2. Food and cleaning supplies (tea, coffee, flour, pasta, washing powder, shower gel, toothpaste etc.)
  3. Some house accessories (towels, blankets, pillows, linen etc.)

We propose the following course of action:

  1. By Monday we will prepare a list of things that each of us can buy. Then you can choose the ones that you want to get and write your name next to the chosen items. We should prepare the list carefully, cause we don’t know how much space she has.
  2. We will contact the volunteer who is working with Wiktoria and we’ll try to figure out what kind of furniture she might need (we need to take into account her disabilities). Then we’ll see what we could arrange for free locally. If we need any money, we’ll organise collection.
  3. We’ll set up a place at the office where you’ll be able to drop the supplies.
  4. At the end of the week we’ll see where we’re at and what else we might need.

Your thoughts?



  1. It’s great we can help a bit, any chance for a prolonged help from our side would be even better though. Martynka, may you please check the possibility we could visit the Lady one day on her permission?

    1. No it’s impossible… 🙁 we can visit her when will be the Final od Noble Gift 7-8th December 🙂 Those’re the rules 🙂

  2. That could be anyone of us. Well done for thinking of this. I will put in 500 zlt. If you need the money prior to my return get it from Kelly and I will pay her later. Thnx.

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