Noble Gift – let’s organise a Christmas package for a local family

Martyna has been a volunteer of the Noble Gift for 3 years. She says: “For me it is a year-round job. After one weekend of miracles, when Donors give gifts to those in need, I spend another year with these people. I observe how the help they received gives them wings to improve their lives. A donor can be anyone… A donor can be a group of people who, together, can support a family in at least 3 of the areas they’d identified … It is a Noble Help because in the end two worlds meet – often rich people who do not worry about anything, with people who don’t have decent living conditions… often without water, without heating, sometimes without the right to an income, living day by day because of illness or some misfortune.”

You can read more about this nationwide charity here.

So, how does it work? A donor (a person, a company, a group of friends or colleagues) chooses a family and then they prepare a package for them, according to the description on the website. There are always 3 main needs that a given family presents (food, clothing, equipment, etc.).

Martyna says:

“My question is this … why don’t we take care of a chosen family together? Someone from us will choose one family from the system on behalf of everyone. Together we will try to provide them with what they need the most. The locals can find out what we can do with the help of friends and for other necessary items we will designate a place in the office or organize money collection. Some might want to buy the necessary food or cleaning products and donate them to the family or contribute to the collection and then the designated people will go to the store and complete the package.

The  Package delivery dates are 6,7 and 8 December – you can go and visit the family yourself and hand them the package. Alternatively, it can be transported to the warehouse and the volunteers will deliver it to the family.

Time flies, if we want to undertake the task we must hurry! If most of you agree, we will choose a family by the end of this week.”

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  1. I think it’s an interesting task for the whole team. We will help someone who needs it and show that Interhealth Canada team is the best 😊

  2. I am totally in! I think it is very important for us to help the local community and I would love to participate, donate and drop off the package. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention

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