New Zywiec Hospital information portal

The new hospital in Żywiec is one of the most awaited investments in our poviat. Construction works are slowly coming to an end – the general contractor, the Wodpol company from Żywiec is currently carrying out finishing works. At the same time, the furnishing of the patient rooms is in progress. The next stage will be providing the hospital with medical equipment and furniture, arranging the kitchen and organizing the atrium – the main hall in the building.

In order to meet the expectations of all those interested in this extremely important project, InterHealth Canada, its main manager, has launched a web portal where we will inform about all the novelties. Here you will find basic information about the investment, a photo gallery, description of the successive stages of construction, job advertisements and our latest newsletter.

If there are any topics concerning the new hospital that interest you – residents of the Żywiec poviat, hospital employees, tourists, people interested in health care in Poland – write to us and we will answer your questions if possible.

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