It is InterHealth Canada Green Low

Landmark hospital as well as medical services with new stylishness melded with experience, that’s our way of operating our hospital, keeping the vision, mission and values, providing people of Żywiec the best deserved health services that can be offered.

Our Medical devices selection makes sure that it will be capable to serve our vision and mission, world known manufacturers and equipment models selected do have the highest parameters which in turn serve the needs.

We do choose our success partners without compromising the quality over prices with the best quality brands to be considered.

Neonates and Women’s Health are one of the utmost services offered, complete spectrum of orthopedic and rehabilitation as well as outpatient and emergency services.

Fully digital specialized operating theaters and intensive care units are introduced to serve not only the inhabitance of Żywiec but all the surrounding area.

InterHealth Canada takes care about Green environment, so the hospital both design and operation follow all required steps to make that happen by considering Paperless Operation System, there for most of the medical equipment are integrated to the hospital system.

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