Introducing our first Unit Council

Pictured above is the Zywiec Hospital Obstetrics and Neonatal Unit council which includes nurses, midwives, head nurses, and the Nurse Consultant and Director of Nursing from InterHealth Canada – Kelly Beckta. They are collaborating together to not only plan the move to the new hospital but to exceed patients’ expectations and promote best practice in a patient centered healing environment.

Nursing unit councils have been implemented as part of shared governance model to facilitate better patient outcomes by engaging nurses in decision making. The Unit-Based Councils identify opportunities for improving nursing/midwifery practice in their respective departments. The council utilizes evidenced based practice guidelines, research, and policy and procedures to identify opportunities for improvements that enhance patient care and clinical outcomes.

The use of a shared governance model promotes nursing/midwife’s engagement and ownership of workplace changes and issues, which in turn promotes a healthy work environment with improved healthcare personnel and patient satisfaction. The primary aim of shared governance is ultimately to support the relationship between healthcare personnel and the patient in order to positively impact care.

The personnel at Zywiec Hospital are some of the most skilled and educated healthcare personnel that we have had the pleasure of partnering with and they have enthusiastically embraced the unit councils. Interhealth Canada believes in innovation and evidenced based practice in healthcare that puts people-first and we value understanding the needs of patients and healthcare personnel. We understand the importance of collaboration, integration and capacity building and are grateful to be part of such a talented team.

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