I can’t wait to move into the new hospital

The new hospital brings high-quality health care, modern equipment, patient-friendly environment but also new working standards and development opportunities for the medical personnel – says Antoni Juraszek, Żywiec Hospital Director.

The construction works at the new hospital are slowly coming to an end. Soon, the entire medical personnel of the Żywiec Poviat Hospital will be ready to move into a modern healthcare facility. What will this change bring for the personnel?

Antoni Juraszek: Moving to a new building means a completely new quality of work for the entire medical personnel. You simply cannot compare working conditions between the old and the new hospital – the difference is just so huge. The current working conditions in the old facilities are below any standards, with communication flow being our greatest handicap. Being located in several buildings, on different floors, the medical personnel is constantly on their feet moving to and fro, which requires a lot of physical effort. The new hospital has been designed in a way to minimize foot traffic and enhance communication, and additionally the everyday communication between teams.

Another important issue is the comfort of our patients – a building without a lift, one bathroom per entire ward and poor social conditions are the everyday reality of our patients. The new hospital will offer very cosy conditions to the patients – cosy, bright rooms with toilets, modern beds equipped with medical head panels and nursing call system, something that was out of our reach to date. These will be the everyday standards of our new hospital.

What will the new hospital be like, what possibilities this change gives?

AJ: Most of all I would like to stress that this is like opening of a new chapter for the Żywiec Poviat Hospital as InterHealth Canada will receive service contract cession from NFZ and will not be burdened with the current debt of the old hospital. One can say that this is like a new beginning, without any overdue liabilities. Additionally, thanks to the modern equipment and international quality of the service we will finally be able to apply for ISO certificates and medical accreditations which hasn’t been possible until now due to current hospital standards. It is also a big opportunity for our medical personnel – working with modern equipment, international know-how from IHC which will provide training to our personnel – all this will make our hospital an attractive employer.

You’re one of the initiators, for years promoting the concept of building a new hospital in Żywiec under a PPP contract. Today, when the project is coming to the end, it can be said that it was a long and hard journey but worth it, wouldn’t you say so?

AJ: We have been long waiting for this moment. Throughout the entire process from concept to realization, we knew we must do everything to make this project come true. Our patients and personnel deserve the very best conditions. If today, we are capable of providing medical services despite working in very difficult conditions, it can only be better at the new hospital. I would like to take this opportunity to thank to all medical personnel who have fully devoted themselves to patient care despite hard conditions. Ours is not an ordinary job, you can’t do it only partially – it’s a service to the individual requiring special calling, despite conditions and circumstances. In the new hospital, we will be able to provide high quality service to our patients while at the same time working in a comfortable and friendly environment. I can’t wait for us to move to the new hospital and I truly believe that the medical personnel will be happy about the change as well.

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